Friday, September 28, 2012

How to shop and dress like a Pro #1: Black and White

I am a more of a visual person and prefer to use pictures to present my thoughts instead of words. I will have a lot of pictures to show.

Would like to have a decent wardrobe with limited budget – it could be a difficult task for some people.  I’m hoping that my series of “How to shop and dress like a Pro” would give people some ideas to start building their wardrobes. My first series is Black and White. I chose Black and White mainly because they are two primary wardrobe colors.
I personally like a few brands such as Banana Republic , Gap, J.crew, The LimitedAnthropologie and Loft. Their prices are affordable and quality is good.   Look for deals! And, buy pieces that you could use in years to come. Build your wardrobe piece by piece, and then have what we call “Your collection”. 

  •  Black Suit/Blazer – Banana Republic – I bought it at $66.77 (regular price $158, sale at $105.99 and additional 30% off and another 10% off).
  • A-line Black Skirt – Banana Republic – I bought it at $23.99 (regular price $79.90, sale at $39.99 and additional 40% off)
  • White Shirt - Banana Republic – I bought it at $16.19 (regular price $59.50, sale at $26.99 and additional 40% off)
  • Black Pants -Gap – I bought it at $34.65 (regular price $49.50, 30% off)
  • Black and White Cardigans - Banana Republic – I bought it at $16.79 each (regular price $59.50, sale at $27.99 and additional 40% off)
  • Black Dress – Banana Republic – I don’t think I paid more than $60 (Sorry, I lost the receipt)  

All these pieces are must to have. I love the black blazer. It is a very nice fitted jacket. You can match with so many different outfits and use as many times as you wish. It is worth the price. The Black and White cardigans will also go a long way. You could wear them in so many different ways.

From the pictures, I would think you would agree with me that black and white is a great and easy combination. You can’t go wrong with it.

Avoiding black on black and white on white …..I don’t think I need to say more...the pictures speak for themselves. 

What do you think about black with black and white with white? See my next series: How to add colors to Black and White? 
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