Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to shop and dress like a Pro #4: Work Week Outfits

Work Week Outfits

I plan on posting “Work Week Outfits” for a few weeks. Subscribe to the blog, you will receive an email notification when I post something new. I hope this topic with a plenty of pictures would give you some ideas about dressing up for a work day. All of us go through this every morning – what to wear to work? I have nothing to wear. How would this go with that?

Colors are big this fall. I picked up a couple of pieces to add to my fall collection. No matter how much we like to follow trend, we should always look for deals. For example, I liked a couple tops and pants from Banana Republic. The pieces were not on sales.  Banana Republic has 40% off on a regular price for one item on Wednesday. I waited for Wednesday and picked one up each week. Also, the inventory turnover in most of the stores is fast. So, if they don’t have sale this week, go next week. If you couldn’t find the outfit you wanted, it is fine. They will come out with something new so fast that you don’t have to wait long. I bet you will like the new one even more. This happens to me quite often.

Please leave comments and feedback and share your ideas. I love to hear from you! 

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