Monday, October 15, 2012

How to shop and dress like a Pro #5: Denim


Denim is a forever trend! 2-piece denim combination is back. Who does not own a pair of jeans? How about denim jacket or shirt?  I will be fine with the combination of denim shirt and jeans with contrasting colors. But, I don’t think I am quite ready for denim jacket with denim pants. Is this 80’s? This is just my personal preference. I tried to put two pieces together and I don’t think the combination is that appealing. 

So, if you ask me, would I wear this combination? My answer is “no” for now. See below two pictures and you be the judge – what combination you like the best? 
Denim Jacket
If you are looking for denim jacket…go to Gap. I bought mine many years ago and still wear it all the time in fall and spring. I wear it with almost everything except denim pants!
Denim Jacket

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