Monday, October 1, 2012

How to shop and dress like a Pro #2: Add Colors to Black and White

In my previous blog, I raised a question about black with black and white with white. I think they are fine, but don’t you think adding some colors to this match would make noteworthy difference? 
Black, White and Colors

Creating pop of color: Belts, blazers and cardigans are the basic for creating pop of color. I’m sure you could use a lot of other accessories such as handbags, shoes, scarves, and jewelries. Be creative, but be cautious and don’t add too much color! What is too much? I will discuss this in one of the series. 

Using scarf to create pop of color; what do you think? In my experience, oftentimes, we take off the scarf when we are in the office. It is not very practical to have scarf around your neck all day for 8 hours and try to work at the same time. So, think about that when you create pop of color using scarf. Ask yourself, do you still have color on you if you take off your scarf and then decide if you need another piece to help you creating the pop of color. My opinion, scarf is perfect for outdoor.

Blazer is in fashion this fall. It is a good time to pick up one or two this season.
  • Red Blazer (showcase in pictures) - Banana Republic Factory – I bought it at $54.59 (regular price $129.99, sale at $77.99, and additional 30% off with coupon)

H&M - $39.95

 H&M - $39.95

 H&M - $49.95
H&M - $39.95 

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